Bill studied classical guitar at Appalachian State before a car wreck injury ended his performance career. After trying numerous traditional and alternative therapies for relief from chronic pain due to the car accident he discovered Rolfing@ structural integration. After a few treatments Bill realized he had found the treatment that would help him recover his full potential. Bill finished his education at High Point University with a degree in Psychology and within a few years decided to become a Rolfer himself.

Bill sees that work with relieving symptoms is an integral part of a holistic approach for balancing each individuals unique structure, based on their occupations, hobbies and injuries – past and present.

 "When new clients come in, I listen to the current symptoms and conditions they are experiencing and find out what activities irritate or alleviate the problem. I want to know when the pain first occurred as well as other injuries to that area. Then, through Rolfer’s eyes, I look for a reflection of that in the whole body. I structure the sessions based on what will provide the most relief for the client’s problem while addressing balance in the structure as a whole.”

Bill lives in Greensboro, NC with his wife and two daughters. His interests include studying movement, building and playing guitars, spending time with his family and outdoor activities. His outdoor activities and athletics allow him insight into typical patterns of injury and trauma associated with these kinds of activities.